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Der Preis für Kaffee scheint auch zum Ende des Jahres 2010 weiter kräftig Richtung Norden zu klettern. Mal sehen wie es im neuen Jahr 2011 weiter geht.

Quelle: Bloomberg


Kaffeepreispolitik a la Hugo Chavez lautet: “National coffee, at national prices. You can’t beat it.” Nachzulesen auf Reuters.

Bloomberg‘s correspondent Fred Ojambo reports that … “the Uganda Coffee Development Authority today quoted indicative prices for exports of robusta, which accounts for 85 percent of the country’s coffee exports.

Uganda is Africa’s second-biggest coffee producer, after Ethiopia, and the continent’s largest robusta grower.

Nearby refers to deliveries to be made within 45 days, while forward delivery is between 45 and 90 days. Indicative prices are those used by exporters to determine their prices.

Prices, quoted today by the authority, are in U.S. cents a pound, based on free on board rail/truck from Kampala:

Grade Nearby Forward
Screen 18 84.27 83.00
Screen 15 79.27 78.00
Screen 12 76.27 75.00

The authority on Nov. 11 quoted indicative export prices for robusta as follows:

Grade Nearby Forward
Screen 18 90.00 90.00
Screen 15 85.00 85.00
Screen 12 82.00 82.00

Source: Bloomberg

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